Agony of Harry

04/17/13 in the village Beloostrov, a cat in a terrible state was thrown to the gate of one of the residents. How the animal survived is unclear. The clinic concluded that the animal was either doused with acid or scorched with a soldering iron. There was no skin on the front legs, the pads were destroyed, the hind legs and tail were scorched as well. The face was burned, the fur was soldered directly into the skin. Due to the injuries, the condition of the eyes couldn’t be assessed, but the cat couldn’t see at all. The ears were burnt and curled up. Small scorched patches all over the body. The cat’s temperature at the time of arrival at the clinic was 34 degrees. The main wounds – the front paws were treated with chlorhexidine and anti-burn foam, injections of nutrient solutions, anesthetic and immunostimulating solutions were given.

The animal rights activists who saved Harry did not put the cat to sleep, jumping on the “chance” promised by unscrupulous veterinarians, thereby prolonging the agony of the animal and collecting money for its treatment for a long time. In the end, after incredible torment in the cage of the veterinary clinic, Harry died.

If Harry had a choice, do you think he would choose a long agony or a quick painless death? He could not make this choice, and those who had to make this choice for him chose to prolong his suffering, guided by pseudo-humanity.