Inhumane killing

The following methods of killing animals are strictly unacceptable to use under any circumstances, they lead to prolonged agony and painful death and are NOT HUMANE:

1. Strangulation, hanging, drowning (including for newborn kittens and puppies, which are highly resistant to oxygen starvation)
2. The use of ammonia in any form (inhalation, injection)
3. Introduction of curariform muscle relaxants (ditilin, adilin, listenone), magnesia, lidocaine without first immersing the animal in a state of deep anesthesia or at least in a state of deep sedation
4. Electricity
5. Microwave radiation / placing the animal in the microwave (slow and painful death by roasting alive from the inside)
6. Air embolism (introduction of air into a vein) without preliminary immersion of the animal in a state of deep anesthesia
7. Use (instead of inhalation of ether and chloroform) of acetone and any other household solvents / volatile liquid fuel / essential oils is also strictly unacceptable.
8. Freezing without preliminary immersion in a state of deep anesthesia